Multiple Species

Multiple Species

The FUTUREFACE 2020 project is communicated within the framework of Design Fiction and is informed by both historical and contemporary images and concepts. I investigate the importance of materials and processes with regard to the design and manufacture of the finished objects and try to create a bridge between material reality and theoretical conceptualization. I also briefly consider the impact of COVID-19 on my project and some of the steps taken as a result of changed circumstances. I present the created objects as an extensive group to communicate the future possibilities of genetic manipulation.

The final body of work consists of 25 small, 10 medium and 10 full-size heads. The „Core objects” are mainly the ones that integrate all 3 materials but objects of just two materials are included in this category. The remaining objects make up a category called „Multiple Species”. It was my initial desire to exhibit around 40 objects in an installation
format with associated digital images. The large number is relevant as I wish to communicate the idea that through genetic manipulation Humanity can arrive at a huge variety of different forms simultaneously.

The objects portray Human heads which show evidence of physical transformation to varying degrees. The main body of the object is Raku
fired ceramic which acts as both a skull-like structure and offers texture, colour and patina to form a skin. The 3D printed ceramic is used mainly to represent a form of evolved eye, its highly technical nature and precision acting as a mirror to actual eyes. The glass components
are used to suggest new or highly evolved sensory organs transmitting other types of information to this newly created Human type. The elements are unified into a whole yet remain visibly distinct and understandable.



Artist: James Carcass 
Material: Ceramic, Plastic, glass
Date: March, 2020
Institution: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design MOME, Arts and Design Department

  • FutureFace
  • Human representations
  • Designfiction